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In 2013, Wellness Institute International celebrated a milestone: our 25th year in the challenging but exhilarating world of natural medicine! The Institute was founded in Silicon Valley, California, amidst the intellectual brilliance, thick-willed determination and boundless energy for discovery ushered in by the dawn of the computer age.

 We carried this spirit of innovation to the Philippines, where we opened our first facility in 2000.  Wellness Institute International, with approximately 5,000 patient visits annually, is a true chronic disease prevention, management and control landmark in Asia.

Reaching out to more people in the community and the world continues to be our main goal. Our untiring commitment to help people live better and live longer prompted the opening of the Integrative Medicine & Cancer Institute (IMCI).


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A cancer prevention and control center unlike any other…

Seeing your doctor and feeling enlightened, empowered and fully motivated to reach a new level of health and wellbeing …

An oasis in a chaotic world where balance and wellbeing are the utmost concerns …

A patient-centered facility, listening to your story in order to design treatments that will address your unique health concerns...

Being surrounded by personalized and comprehensive healing treatments performed by expert, compassionate and caring health practitioners…

Welcome to Integrative Medicine and Cancer Institute (IMCI)


J & A Reproductive Cancer

Ceo, Alpha

"Dr... Thank you so much for your fervent prayer, care and love. I was cleared of complex hyperplasia today. My system modified my own progesterone after your diet and detoxification recommendations.

My whole family would like to thank you for your help and kind recommendations. For your patience and follow through. Know that we cannot repay your kindness, sincerity and most of all diligence in seeing me ask and pray that Lord will bless and let you help more people to live lives that are free of fear and illness. And be able to enjoy wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God bless you, Dr. Christine"



Colon cancer with lymph node metastases

"Blessings to you Dr. Christine! Today I got the PET/CT Scan result from St. Lukes. They found no evidence of cancer! Praise God for this result! I'm 5 years surviving now! I owe you a BIG THANK YOU for the invaluable advice and the thousand and one helpful things you have taught me which I'm practicing/maintaining now, for the self-less caring, for the continuous prayers! I doubt that I would have made it without your help. Indeed you have taught me a lot. Thank you so much Doc. I am so blessed to have you as my doctor. God bless you. Love you.



Stage 4 Hepatocellular Carcinoma

I will soon celebrating my 4th year of liver-cancer free. Thanks so much for all your help in healing my liver cancer. I feel so much better, with greatly improved energy and appetite. I gained 10 pounds after losing so much weight. You are truly a blessing. God bless you. Much love.
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In1982, one of our community services in California was visiting orphanages. In one orphanage, we met a boy named Bryan, from the Navajo-Hopi tribes, who was particularly attached to us. He would cry whenever we left the facility. After a number of visits, we learned that the US Social Services had picked him up from a tiny apartment, where his mother lay dead. She was only 28.


Coconut water as sports drink

Coconut researcher Bruce Fife, a naturopath doctor, writes in his book that  electrolytes, also known as ions, are atoms or molecules with an electrical charge. The ability to charge allows electric current to flow through our bodies and facilitate many biological functions. We lose these electrolytes through sweat, urine, etc. That is why athletes need to replenish their body after every workout.

THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY THE LAST INSTALLMENT of Dr. Christine Gonzales? guide to wellness.

Dr. Gonzales? (NMD, Ph.D) is co-founder of Wellness Institute and director of Natural Medicine.

However, there remains so much of what she has written that I wish to share with you. While this is the last as a full column feature, in the succeeding weeks, I will continue to incorporate the rest of what she had painstakingly put together, to guide us through our path to wellness.

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The Facility

The INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE AND CANCER INSTITUTE rests on top of a mountain ridge overlooking the calm blue water of the majestic Taal Volcano. The natural splendour, cool and unpolluted atmosphere of the Tagaytay ridge has all amenities of an intimate mountain retreat, making it the perfect destination to recover... Learn More