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Juice, reduce and rejoice!
By: Ching M. Alano
The Philippine Star
Herbs and spices help prevent cancer
By: Reggie Aspiras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
The Importance of Lifestyle & Natural Nutrition
By: Lynett Villariba
Philippine Daily Inquirer
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Who We Are?

Wellness Institute International, Inc. (WII) is a primary health and wellness clinic, research, and teaching center registered in California, USA; Manila, PHILIPPINES and Lourdes, FRANCE.

Its main thrust is prevention and control of chronic diseases, maintenance of optimal health, and promotion of individuals' inherent self-healing process.  Natural medicine refers to as the vis medicatrix naturae- the healing power of nature."

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Menu of Services

Dark Field and Light Contrast Micro-Biology (Live Blood Analysis)
PREVENTION is the BEST CURE!  Live blood analysis or darkfield miscroscopic analysis gives us early,.
Heart Variability Assessment (HVT)
The heart rate variability analysis is a unique and powerful tool in measuring, monitoring and improving fitness for the broadest range of consumers: 
Bio-feedback (QXCI-SCIO)
is a safe and powerful biofeedback device designed to stimulate and harness the tremendous capacity of the human system for self-healing.
Lymphatic Drainage and Physiotherapy
Prevents colds and flues by boosting your immune system, aiding in the production of anti-bodies that destroy invading organisms